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On January 15, WS/FCS published a press release regarding the "new air filtration process" installed in their school buildings. Technically, bipolar ionization technology is not a "filtration process", but such devices are marketed for improving air quality with existing ventilation systems. As requested, here is some additional information on the technology.


How does bipolar ionization technology work?
Technology heavy video
Technology light video

Where can I buy this for my home/business?
Global Plasma solutions, EcoZapp and eBay.

eBay of course

What is the CDC position on ionization technologies?
"CDC does not provide recommendations for, or against, any manufacturer or product. There are numerous devices being heavily marketed to provide air cleaning during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the most common are ionization and/or dry hydrogen peroxide devices. Some devices even include both technologies. While variations of these technologies have been around for decades, relative to other air cleaning or disinfection technologies, they have a less-documented track record when it comes to cleaning/disinfecting large and fast volumes of moving air within heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems or even inside individual rooms. This does not necessarily imply the technologies do not work as advertised. However, in the absence of an established body of peer-reviewed evidence showing proven efficacy and safety under as-used conditions, the technologies are still considered by many to be emerging. As with all emerging technologies, consumers are encouraged to exercise caution and to do their homework. Consumers should research the technology, attempting to match any specific claims against the intended use of the product. Consumers should request testing data that quantitively demonstrates a clear protective benefit and occupant safety under conditions consistent with the intended use."- CDC statement

What is the FDA position on ionization technologies?
"There are a number of ion generating devices, both negative and positive, which are being promoted for the treatment of various diseases. When medical claims are made for these ion generating devices, they are subject to the *Federal* Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Until the medical claims can be supported with well controlled and valid scientific studies, these devices are considered misbranded."- FDA statement

Other Information
Product review video

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